The benchmark we follow

The benchmark we follow

Is the website we have developed for our client contributing significantly and in meaningful way to the business?

If the answer is No, we have not met our standards. But so far, we have met and surpassed this standard we have set for ourselves with every one of our clients.

standards against which we measure our performance:


On the Web, it’s often said that ‘content is king’ – meaning that it’s the content which visitors come to your website for. If content is king, then design aesthetics is the crowned prince. Research shows that visitors to websites decide whether to stay or leave in less than half a second – and how the site looks is one of the key factors in encouraging people to stay. Our seasoned designers ensure that site is visually appealing to the segment the site is targeting.


It’s essential that today’s websites perform well within search engines – so that customers can find them quickly and easily. Coming high in search engine results is something which is influenced by many factors – and isn’t achieved by using hidden tricks. We help customers to understand what search engines are looking for and then work with them to develop robust search engine strategies which are unique to each organisation. We work strictly to the search engines’ published Webmaster guidelines and avoid using technologies which can hinder the full indexing of a website. Our website content management system provides full control for search engine optimization, built-in at a page level – and we guarantee that our sites can be fully indexed by all leading search engines.


We’ve seen it happen too many times. We spend a lot in SEO and succeed in getting the client to our web site only to find that she left the site without taking the intended action. So we strongly feel that if your site is not designed following ‘conversion’ model, time and money we spend to bring people to our site is completely wasted. The first question we ask our client before we design the site is the primary and secondary purpose of having the web site. Everything we do henceforth would be revolved around that.


If Aesthetics of the site is exterior of a car, Performance is the engine. If it takes forever to load a page, then how beautifully the site is designed will not matter. Every single page we design is ensured for:

Cross browser compatibility: The site may not work properly in all current Web browsers, thereby excluding some visitors from your site

Fast loading of page: Slow loading page deliver an inferior experience to visitors and are more problematic for search engines to index.

SEO orientation: Search engines may be prevented from fully indexing a site. so that entire pages or sections of websites are to all intents and purposes, invisible to search engines.


Researches indicate that average user spends less than five seconds before hitting the ‘back’ button. Yes, if she does not feel that she’ll find the stuff or information she’s looking for in the site she’ll abandon your site like a proverbial ‘hot potato’. We ensure that every single project we undertake pass the following basic 5 step usability test with flying colors:

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