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Great Web copy must be succinct. It needs to be free from jargon. It should cater for the widest of audiences. It must deliver the goods quickly. It also needs to be accessible: more direct conversational and less austere.

The Web has in many ways turned marketing communications on its head. Visitors to your site don’t want to be bogged down in hyperbole and inflated marketing speak. They want to find specific and relevant information quickly and easily.

We write copy which is engaging and structured to be read on the Web easily copy which gets people’s attention copy which gets the point across copy which gets results.

Website copy that works for search engines and people

Your site has two key audiences people and search engines. When creating copy for a website they both have slightly different needs people want information fast and search engines need enough text with the right keyword density to be able to index the page properly. Our website copy works hard to meet the needs of both audiences without compromising either.

Structuring pages to communicate faster and convey more meaning

Great website copy isn’t just excellent prose it should be broken down visually using headings bullets and links to enable people to scan the page quickly. Research shows that people don’t initially read pages from end-to-end they scan them to locate key information usually in less than a second before delving deeper. Search engines also respond well to this kind of page structure which conveys more context and meaning than paragraphs of text alone.

we take graet care in ensuring that each and every page we develop is optimized

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