5 ways to build credibility in your website

A simple thing can make or break your site. Even a planned and thought out site needs few necessary elements if you want to generate trust in your website. These elements alleviate people to a certain extent of trusting anything on the internet. I wouldn’t blame a skeptic internet user as there are many spammers and hackers crawling the net and also websites that have been put up to con people.

Here are some must haves that shows authenticity and credibility

Live chat or help lines

This is as important as having a reception at your office. Whenever there is any confusion an audience is facing, they can simply click and chat with your office representative. This creates a personal interaction which has been the most argued point of the digital world. Showing that you have someone to help and guide you through the process and is very well appreciated by the audience. It puts them at ease of any skepticism they have.


If you have Google or other map integrated in your contact page, it shows the physical location of your company.  This gives the audience a relief that your company is not in the clouds and is a physical entity that they can find easily.

This is also good for SEO purpose and can rank well in search engine when people are looking for services similar to your business

Social Plugins

Social media has taken the digital world by storm. Everyone is active in some kind of social platform either to connect with friends or business. Having the social media plugins connects the audience directly to your page and shows interaction other people are having about your company. This is even better than testimonials and people know that they are legit comments from people.


Some website just have their portfolio highlighted on their website and a means of contacting them. This is important because website is still about information. You still need a home page, about us page and product page as before but just not as highlighted as they were before. The website is more about the values you provide and portfolio is the best way to show them. This doesn’t mean you put the heading portfolio and list down your work. This also needs to be properly planned and it should represent your best work and converting audience into leads.


Blogging has become important not just for content marketing but also has been a major importance in credibility building. The constant updates on blog shows how up to date you are with the current trends and it also shows your efforts in getting disseminating the right information across your audience.

But blogging is not an easy task and requires a lot of resources. If you want a blog in your website you need to do it right and not just fill it with contents. The contents need to be planned, informative and valuable to your customer and related to your business. If you cannot do it right your should not set up a blog, it can have both a good and bad influence in your profile.

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