Why is it so important to keep updating your website

You cannot be who you want to be by being who you are. They say the best advice you get is “be yourself” and it does apply in many aspects of our life. But if you want a fit body you need to work for it, and companies are no exception. Today’s digital word demands change all the time. The technology keeps changing and you need to keep updating.

I heard on the news today that facebook is acquiring Whatsapp for $19 billion because they wanted more information on people for more effective revenue generation. ┬áLike 1.2 billion active users who basically post every moment of their lives on facebook is enough data for them that they want more? Whatsapp has around 500 million users which is a lot less than facebook but they don’t want to lose out on any market so they have paid a huge sum for this acquisition.

When it comes to searching on the net we Google. We don’t even say search the net just Google it. This is how common it is but they still advertise in different platforms and keep updating themselves for better user experience and new ways of generating values.

I am talking about facebook and Google here who are the two giants in the online marketing. Yet they are still very insecure in their market position and keep innovating themselves. So you understand now how important it is in the online business that you keep changing and upgrading yourself. It’s not an easy task but the digital world demands it and we are but a mere slave to it.

Here are two ways to keep updating your website


The easiest way to update your website is to create a blog and add fresh new content at least once a week.  This allows you to connect with your audiences more frequently and it also provides a good platform for advertising or informing your audience of your services.

Dynamic Home Page

The homepage is the first thing they see on your website and having to look at the same page everytime can be a bit boring. So having a dynamic homepage allows you to make simple and small changes on the page and there’s something new for the frequent visitors.

There are two major benefits of this: you won’t have to redesign your site all the time and just the home page and your audiences will also get a good feeling that you are an active company.

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