3 things to consider before building a website

If you’re on the net you need to make it big. Don’t have a website just for the sake of having one. Website can do a lot more for your business including generating leads and growing your business.

Here are list of things you need to consider for your website

Choosing the right domain

Your domain name should be unique and easy to memorize. People usually have domain names same as their company but it is good practice to use a short domain. If you must represent your company then you can also use your brand name. Try to keeps it simple, short and something that represents your business well. e.g. www.easydeals.com, www.zara.com. For businesses .com domain are the best and you can register a domain for an average of $10 a year unless for some really popular domain that can go up to couple of thousand dollars. It’s a yearly expense so you need to keep that in your budget.

choosing domain

Having a short domain can also save on a lot of space in your visiting cards as well as your print ads.

Choosing the right web hosting

For those who are technologically challenged know that things don’t appear on the net out from thin air. There is a server somewhere in the world that stores your content. Based on your site requirement you need a webspace just like in your hard disk. Any company designing your website can give you this service and also suggest the best webspace for you. Just like the domain this also comes as a yearly/monthly expense and it usually depends on the space size.

website down

The other thing you need to be careful about is the support and the uptime guarantee of the webhosting company. All your emails will be linked and you don’t want to lose out on emails. Also choosing a good webhost keeps you safe from spamming and hacking of your site.

Choosing the right website design house

There are many website design house and the market is very competitive. The website design rates can come from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Based on your budget and what you want your website to do you can make your selection. Investing on your website can be an opportunity for expanding your business so don’t hold out. You can consult with the companies anytime and get a free quote on request.

early engineering

We all know this story and how it ends. Building a website also applies the same rules where you need to make a strong impact at the beginning and we can’t be lazy.

Choose a company that gives you value for your money and support is very important when it comes to website design and maintenance.

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