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How to get more interactivity in your website

‘Call for action’, it works big time! I am sure I must have mentioned that a couple of time in my other blogs. They are SUBTLE signs in your website prompting for action like book now, click here, sign up etc. These are very important and it calls for immediate response from your audience and if done correctly can do wonders for your lead generation.

Here are some tips to get it right

The keyword is SUBTLE

Notice I highlighted the word subtle, this is because you need to be very careful and not overdo it when you use these call for action signs. Just because it works doesn’t mean you put it everywhere and all the time. The best way is to keep these signs in between your contents and after they have gone through your content. When you know they have gone through an entire content it gives a good enough sign that the audience might be interested and may sign up with you. It goes with the saying: “you hit the hammer when the iron is hot”.

Easy come easy go pop ups

If you don’t know what pop ups are; they are small windows that open in between pages or home page asking you to sign up or register or some big announcement of the company. They are very useful in getting people to notice your news or getting them to sign up. But it should not irritate the audience and there should be clear visible cancel sign for your audience to opt out.

Ask and you shall receive

The other way is to ask people about their opinion on certain products or if you are launching something new. Ask them if they would buy it. People are always willing to give advices and these would be a good feedback for you and a good way to keep in touch with your customers.

Social Media Plugins

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. are popular for a reason and you need to make good utilization of them. These days website has become more like blogs as people want something new every time. If they see the same old content and picture they get bored so it’s good to update and also good for SEO (this is a whole other topic that will be covered later). You can use these social media plugins for people to comment on your posts. What this does is that the comments will also be posted in their social media page which will get more views.

This is also good for list building. Using these can be a bit technical so you may need to do a bit of research or get an expert to do it. When using these plugins it is best to get an app designed which will allow people to sign in from their social media id. The app will ask for their email and other contact information and you can grow your list this way. You can get these plugins which doesn’t require any sign up but you would want to grow your list so opting for apps would be a good idea.

How to get your website to sell

Take advantage, the internet is not just for show. A lot of people have a website for basic information about the products and services and some history about the company. The platform has changed and more people are heading into the global market through website. I am not saying you turn your website to into an e-commerce site but you can use it to grow your customer base and generate leads.

Here are few tips you can follow:

Focus on the value not the product

Your audiences are smart and they search on the net before making any decision. They are well educated on what the product or service is about so displaying them is not going to be enough. These days the focus is on the after sales value the customers get rather than the product itself.

E.g if you are in the limousine business you should have a good collection of your client’s testimonials. The social media has made a lot of influence on marketing of a product and word of mouth is the best way to get more customers. Highlight how happy the clients have been with your service. You’ve been a part of their wedding, graduation, proms etc. and you’ve not let them down. This should be the main focus and not the vehicles you have for the service.

This is why Website Engineering is very important. You need to study all elements of your business before you put yourself out in the digital world.

Use relevant call to actions

‘Call to actions’ are subtle signs on the online experience that call for the audience to take some action. It can be either to buy, book, contact, like your facebook page etc. The keyword here is subtle. You don’t want to irritate your customers by asking them to do something every time they open a page or click on a link. The signs need to be relevant and should appear when required.

E.g. using a small pop up window at the bottom of the page to contact you only after they have gone through the whole of the content of the page. It shouldn’t be at the beginning. If the audience has gone through the page then you know that the person is somewhat interested and they might sign up with you. Knowing these signs and when and where you should implement call to action is very important.

Concentrate on lead generation rather than direct sales.

I know the topic is about getting your website to sell but getting to the classical method of sales your customer will not get the same experience from the website as you would from a personal interaction. Unless you are an e-commerce website you should concentrate on people’s queries. This gives you more insight on what your customers are looking for and what you can do for them.

Some ways you can generate leads is getting them to sign up or register for membership to get special discounts on your products. If the person is not buying at the moment you at least have the contacts of people who are interested in your products.

Stay connected with the audience

The lead generation you have done is useless if you don’t use it. You need to keep updating them with relevant news and get them to the website for new offers and promotion schemes. This increases your brand presence and also doesn’t let your customer forget about you.

You also need to integrate your social media plugins with your website so your audience can stay connected with you. They can interact and send queries directly. Coming up with new content and keeping your audience entertained is not an easy task. It involves a lot of social media interaction and a lot of effort in relevant Content Creation.